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Are Range Rover good offroad?

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Are Range Rover good offroad? Empty Are Range Rover good offroad?

Post  Martin & Nettie on Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:57 pm

Martin & Nettie
Martin & Nettie

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Are Range Rover good offroad? Empty Re: Are Range Rover good offroad?

Post  nhazelwood on Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:44 pm


Take a very good offroad car, add some low profile road tyres & a chav.......what do you get ? probably learned to drive on Grand Theft Auto.

No wonder Landrover fit "offroad" tyres to their demonstrators.

Replace the numptie behind the wheel & put proper tyres on & there's no sainsburys carpark you can't navigate...

2 wheel drive off road is more fun.


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Are Range Rover good offroad? Empty pointless 4x4s

Post  Nic-Nic on Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:52 am

jersey doesnt seem to understand the concepts of gritting roads, so the day after it snowed- the roads were pure ice. My poor proton is now missing the lens 4 his indicator- some verry clever lady pulled out round a police no entry sign wen i was next to it (I was coming from the direction you are allowed to travel) so my baby tapped a wall - as even though i was going slow (On the cluch still) he just skidded- will buy some duct tape today- scamp style fix!

Whilst on the way to work after picking up a friend, we got to a corner, and watched 6!!! 4x4s (coming from the oposite direction) smash in to a wall- they seemed to think that the 4 wheel drive would save them on a road that had a caliber pointing in to a wall, and going round a corner. Need-less to say, we parked my car up, and so did the girl behind.

One lady in a Lexas 4 x 4 , who we had waved at to stop decided she could get through, and consequently smacked it in to the wall- we did try and warn her. Scaringly,... her way of trying to get past, was to face the front wheels towards my car, rev the engine, spin the wheels, jump forewards- towards my drivers door, then smack back into the wall. on the other side, cuz the vehicle couldnt get traction
We also took great amusement in a guy in a merc smacking in to the wall as he tried to corner- going stupidly fast.

There must have been thousands worth of damage to some of these vehicles.

I had managed to get around that corner earlier that morning- but that was before the snow was quite so badly compacted, and i went dead slow, with a wheel up on to the dirt verge - - - whick the 4x4s just destroyed.

(the only 4x4 to get round there was a brand new landy- and that was a close call. )
A mk1 landy was the 1st vehicle we watched trying it- and after watching him bounce on and of the wall, we decided not to try it... the guy driving it kept trying. his wife was in the passenger seat- obviously giving him a telling of 4 even trying, and 2 kids were in the back seat- absolutely loving it- with the bouncing around and nearly tipping the landy.

I will just state- the last car to get round the corner and across that bit of road un-scaved, was ...
a classic mini- it got round the corner, and along the road after it much more steadily and at a higher speed than ne of the other vehicles----
lesson learned--- old minis beat everything!!!!!!!!

Nic, Daisy, and Chris

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Are Range Rover good offroad? Empty Re: Are Range Rover good offroad?

Post  jolly on Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:01 pm

Thats the problem with 4x4. people think they make you invincible in any road conditions. only good for a bit of ground clearance in the snow. its still only 4 tyres in contact with the ground and 4x4 only helps when your getting the power down, not standing on the brakes like most people do when they panic and skid.

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Are Range Rover good offroad? Empty Re: Are Range Rover good offroad?

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