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R/C model simulator - great fun

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R/C model simulator - great fun Empty R/C model simulator - great fun

Post  Martin & Nettie on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:32 pm

There is a model shop in my local mall that has helicopters, planes, boats and cars - if they sell the models they must sell the nitro fuel - 115 AED a gallon (22 quid) which is not bad. So I am thinking of bringing my nitro offroader back with me the next time I'm back home, there is plenty of sand to use it on!!! One thing that caught my eye in the shop was a guy using a r/c radio controller plugged into a computer and he was flying a helicopter on the screen, its a flight simulator for r/c models the price 600 AED (110 quid). If its a program it must be on the internet somewhere. and there is free working demo to download with a helicopter and three planes - great fun and it does not cost you hundreds of pounds every time you crash - try it you know you want to R/C model simulator - great fun Plane-028
Martin & Nettie
Martin & Nettie

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R/C model simulator - great fun Empty Re: R/C model simulator - great fun

Post  Rum Tum Tugger on Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:49 am

Yes, I spotted just such kit in MK the other day, essentially a controller with a USB lead instead of aerial. It was quite inexpensive too - of the order of £25 if I remember correctly. And a lot of R/C helicopter packages seem to offer a simulator facility as standard. As you say, crashing becomes a lot cheaper that way!

Incidentally I was only window-shopping, and wondering how easy it would be to put a Scamp body on one of the off-roaders...
Rum Tum Tugger
Rum Tum Tugger

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