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Calling All Anoraks !!

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Calling All Anoraks !! Empty Calling All Anoraks !!

Post  nhazelwood on Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:41 pm

Hi folks,

Now that my daughter has renamed my scamp & changed the final colour, i need to pick someones brains....

Because my scamp is to quote my nearly 4 yr old....." he looks like Wale, 'cause he's square like Wale & he's yellow & dented like Wale." Sheesh last time i take her to the cinema !!

Seriously tho', electric's isn't my strong point, but i can puzzle my way thro by thinking of it like a hydraulic circuit, kinda...

"Wale" has not been fitted with a voltage stabiliser, so i can't work out if the fuel gauge is working or is just scrwed up by the weird electrics. Got the 3 dial type instrument panel, with no place for the stabiliser in the back.

Is a voltage stabiliser necessary?
How can i test if the sender unit is ok?
Anyone know which sender unit was fitted to the mk2 with square tank behind the driver ? Mini van/pickup version ?

Apart from the dodgy wiring Wale is mechanically sound, it's just his body thats letting him down, like us all !!

Once i get the electrics working i can then totally rewire the little mutt.

Cheers in advance,


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Calling All Anoraks !! Empty Scamp electrics

Post  Mr Bridger on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:12 pm

Firstly there are two types of Mini clocks.

The type with the large centre speedo with oil and water temp either side.

Then there are the clubman clocks with two or three (rev counter) round instruments in a plastic moulding.

By the sound of it you are talking about the clubman clocks. There is provision for the voltage stabaliser in the back, it presses into the printed circuit board.

You must have a voltage stabaliser to stabalise the voltage to the fuel and temperature gauges.
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Calling All Anoraks !! Empty Re: Calling All Anoraks !!

Post  green mk3 on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:50 pm

The later clocks dont have a voltage stabaliser fitted - The later type fuel and temp guages are "mech damped" so the voltage fluctuations dont affect the readings -

If you move the needle of the temp guage and it retuns very slowly you have the later type clocks - if the needle springs straight back you need a voltage reg.

Had this problem when i bought new clubman clocks from mini spares.

To test the fuel sender - remove from tank and connect multi meter set to ohms/resistance between case and terminal - resistance should change when float is moved.


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Calling All Anoraks !! Empty Re: Calling All Anoraks !!

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