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Post  RICK on Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:47 pm

Just to calm everyone down. Rosie, Mac and I went through the list of members that haven't renewed or that don't want a Scamp mag, ie like the Landrover lads that join the Club at Stourport so they can use the site to have a days off-roading, that said they didn't want a Scamp mag sent to them. So that saves a few quid of club funds. the where other names on there that haven't been members for sometime that where getting the mag, its all been updated now so that's why a few more names are off the mailing list. I know we had a very nice letter from Kevin and Huff said thank you for the many years of being in the club we are now retiring. As for Rollo I think he didn't rejoin last year? Jeremy Harris I don't know why he didn't rejoin, thats a shame he put on some good events, but the Christmas tree plant moved away hence no more Oxford event. I know it seems that we lost a lot of old names we can only put out so many reminders, at a cost. We have on the other hand got new members that are well interested in joining in on Scamping.

I know are lot of you on this forum pay your membership all times of the year and no one know, what time of the year it should be paid. I was on the understanding that it was every 12 months after date of joining, which makes things hard keeping track of all payments. I would like to hear peoples veiws on this I would like it to be due on the 1st January every year and the final deadline to be the Picnic, so that people that attend the AGM and the picnic normally pay at that time still can?
I know there are only a handful of members that use this forum, so I will put something in the next mag..

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Post  Mk3rob on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:39 pm

Hi Rick

As the membership is now only £13 (the price of a Fri nite pints and curry) do people really need 8 months to pay up their dues.

I would like to suggest that the subs are due at the AGM at Newark in June, but no later than the Picnic on the Aug BH.

The £13 is the same for a family or a single pensioner (apols Rum Tum) who has supported the club for many years.

I split myself between the Scamps and a Mini club and pay subs to both.

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UPDATING MEMBERSHIP LIST Empty Cheque in the post

Post  Martin & Nettie on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:45 pm

Cheque is in the post (if Nettie remembers to post it) wavey
Martin & Nettie
Martin & Nettie

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