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OPO 112S - mk3 scamp - trying to locate

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OPO 112S - mk3 scamp - trying to locate Empty OPO 112S - mk3 scamp - trying to locate

Post  16vmini on Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:19 am

Hi when i was 12/14 (1990 ish) i built a scamp with my dad , but we sold it back to owner of scamp Andrew Maclean (he was good friend of my dads )

I have contacted Andrew ,but not surprisingly he has owned a few scamps and cant remember what happen to it.

DVLA say its sorn'd so its around somewhere ( in some form )

just wondering if anyone can help me track it down , would love to know current status and maybe if its forsale ... would make a loverly project for me and my dad to finish Smile

little bit of info from a vehicle check , last changed hands in November 2007 , and it "might" be green Smile

thanks for anyones time reading this Smile


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OPO 112S - mk3 scamp - trying to locate Empty Re: OPO 112S - mk3 scamp - trying to locate

Post  77 SCAMP on Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:49 pm

To find a registered keeper of any vehicle download form V888 from dvla send in specifying the legitimate reason why u want the details of present registered keeper. Last time I done it was free I was looking for a motorbike I regrettably sold, It took dvla swansea 6 weeks to reply ⌛🙄 Hope this help you 👍


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