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Post  wezgit daan saaf on Tue May 07, 2019 10:53 pm

Whilst we love all of you like minded Scamp lovers on the Facebook pages and the Forum, being a paid up member (£16.00 per year) does have it's privileges.
The first,and probably the most important one,is public liability insurance. Any show we go to, the organisers insist that,as a club,we have this insurance and your subs pay for that (at Brooklands this year we had to email a copy of that to them).
Quarterly magazines are sent out,and that is £2.44 in postage per person (second class) before the magazine is even printed.
Where possible,bbq's are arranged at weekend events (taken from club funds).
Whilst the Facebook pages,the Website and the Forum are run by volunteers within the Scamp Owner's Club, and we embrace all Scamp minded people, we would ask those people turning up at events organised or representing the Scamp Owner's Club, you make sure that your membership is up to date.
wezgit daan saaf
wezgit daan saaf

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