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Progress sorting Teabag

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Progress sorting Teabag Empty Progress sorting Teabag

Post  jonrev on Wed May 13, 2015 9:26 pm

My this site is really quiet. Maybe when Summer gets going and all the leaky little Scamps are clocking up the miles again things will hot up???
Just a little update on my progress now I've got Teabag out of the garage (still think this is not a good description of my drafty, messy overcrowded shed).

Still one or two leaks from those doors but way way better than last year and think I'll eventually beat them if I sit in the car while it's raining one day and make a note of where the water is coming from.

Engine is really sweet now. Have fitted the unleaded Metro head and sorted the carb problem. I've also fitted the Metro radiator in front of the engine with an electric fan. I had to space out the front grill by a couple of inches but looks ok. The rad is really too close to the engine still and will mean removing the two fan mounting bolts and the two rad mounting bolts and shifting both forward a bit to be able to get the cap off the dizzy. Not ideal if I need to get to the points while out and about anytime.
The alternative is spacing the grill even further forward which I think will look naff- don't want to spoil her sleek good looks eh! Can't decide what to do at the moment.

Got the Reliant seats fitted in nicely and the driving position is now much more comfy. Still can't actually reach the choke control with seatbelt on but only a minor irritant.

There were no keys for the door locks and this is now sorted and the rear door which had a massive gap round it and was overlapped by the boot lid is also sorted and so choking exhaust fumes are no longer a problem.

Needless to say there's still a pretty lengthy list of things to do including the rear tracking and a bit of rewiring. The latter is mainly because of the numerous alterations which have been made over the years and the fact that the original cotton sheathed wires are all now a dirty brown colour where the colours have faded. Makes tracing circuits really painfully slow going.

Took the 'guv' and the two dogs for a spin last week. Went down to our local 'picnic place' and then for a walk along the river. Only five or six miles but a nice run and wifey didn't once mention milkfloats or dodgem cars so I think she was a tiny bit impressed? Mind you she did suggest that if she saw anyone she knew she was going to dip down and hide so not quite there yet.

If Stoneleigh had been a bit later in the year I'd like to have gone but not 100% trusting of Teabag yet. Used to much prefer Newark show. Shame it packed up.

All the best to you all.


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Progress sorting Teabag Empty Re: Progress sorting Teabag

Post  Mk3rob on Thu May 14, 2015 8:56 am

Well done
Sounds like your getting there

A scamp is never finished, there's always something that needs fettling.

I have been making some half doors for mine
as the clear plastic on the roll up has now gone opaque.
Now i can see my side mirrors and still have a bit of weather protection as i am going along.
The orig doors will get zipped down when i am parked up.

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Progress sorting Teabag Empty Re: Progress sorting Teabag

Post  Steve G on Thu May 14, 2015 11:57 pm

Good to hear you are making progress with your Scamp. I fitted a Metro rad in the front of my mini. It's a real squeeze and there isn't room for a fan. I ended up fitting the original rad just so I could have an electric fan !

To get a bit more clearance I found a side exit distributor cap off a Meastro I think. Late Minis have the engines moved back a bit to help with rad clearance but the you will probably have the carb hitting the bulkhead. The same thing will happen with an adjustable engine steady I expect.

Steve G

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Progress sorting Teabag Empty Re: Progress sorting Teabag

Post  jonrev on Wed May 27, 2015 12:40 pm

Well I have managed to get the rad another inch forward so in an emergency I can get to points etc. without major surgery. Feel happier now. It involved moving the bumper forward a tad with new holes in the top mountings and spacers at the bottom.
I've transfered all my work tools and spares into the Scamp and will now start using it in ernest. Still a little nervous but had to take the plunge sometime and have breakdown cover if worst comes to worst. Oh ye of little faith!
Sold the 12G head on fleabay and pleased to get £142 for it. Glad I decided to strip the old engine before scrapping it.
Next job is.....well dozens of them. As you guys are always saying there's never nothing to do on a Scamp.


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Job/hobbies : Maintenance man
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Progress sorting Teabag Empty Re: Progress sorting Teabag

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