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Stourport - the aftermath

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Re: Stourport - the aftermath

Post  muttley on Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:16 pm

According to Mark Parlett, Dave is the Daddy!

Kids Rolling Eyes so naive........but I can't deny it.....He's almost "Mini me" Very Happy

Dave, can i borrow a mirror to show off it's shiney bits? pirat

Use the one from your bedroom and Leanne won't be using it for a while Twisted Evil Very Happy Shocked.

Joking aside....I'd like to echo all of the above comments ...A Great Weekend & Thanks to everyone who organised things and contributed.



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Re: Stourport - the aftermath

Post  ZED on Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:48 am

We had a really good time as well and neither of us got drunk once. Cool Reg probably more so than me (didn't want to aggravate my arm by going off-road in the Scamp), and to think that he wasn't going to take The Monster this year until James talked him into it!

Thanks all,
Elaine&Reg. Very Happy

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Re: Stourport - the aftermath

Post  nhazelwood on Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:43 am

Hi Folks,

As jolly said earlier, thanks for making us feel very welcome...

I realise i might appear a bit of a wimp when it comes to the offroading side...(i did have a bit of a play on saturday morning after the radiator problems were fixed)...but in my defence i'd only got Walle on the road on thursday, and my daughter was desperate to be picked up in him on the sunday.

Once i've got the long list of gremlins sorted out my confidence in Walle will grow. (I'm still using the wiper stalk to put the indicators on in my golf). Walle still needs a lot of work to get to the standard i want, then who knows...

Once again cheers for the tips, advice & constructive criticism.



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Re: Stourport - the aftermath

Post  lin and tony on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:56 pm

lin and tony wrote:

As per usual, Taz has not returned unscathed! Another engine out job is called for! (It's a good job those toilets were so full!!!! Jo raced off home rather than use them and took the van - so Jono couldn't take his hoist with him cheers - PHEW!!!!!) A new sub frame is called for.

Just a quick update - Taz is mended!!!! Tony looked and thought and considered and poked and prodded... He had been given 1 sub-frame and offered another. (Thanks to both Colin and Dave) However, another look and he decided that Adam's advice was the better way of dealing with it. So, with considerable help from Colin, the sub-frame was welded up - then we had to go out and check it - so we went off (Colin driving Daisy) to the green lane with the stream in and tried to get a little of the Stourport mud off the undersides of the cars. We came back via one of the other green lanes and the weld held - so

Taz is on the road again cheers

Hope to see lots of you next week at the mini show.
lin and tony

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Re: Stourport - the aftermath

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