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Prices for runners

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Prices for runners

Post  goose on Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:43 pm

Hi there ,
After joining this group on facebook , and searching fleabay endlessly ,I have become inspired and have decided I need to get a Scamp mk2 or 3...finally!
Originally It was going to be a project , but I'm too impatient , so hopefully it'll be a basic mot'd example , usable now , and scruffy enough to tinker with in winter...which brings me on to my question ..
As specs vary so widely on Scamp's , how do prices vary? what seems to be the "norm " to pay for a tatty usable example?Is there a price bracket that they fall into ( don't want to pay over the odds !)
Apologies in advance for asking a vague question!


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Post  Mk3rob on Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:36 pm

As you say prices vary
Like "normal" Mini's, Scamp prices have gone up over the years.

All i can say is keep looking at Fleabay and Gumtree
You have been on this forum since 09 so you must have been tracking them.

I bought my Mk3 on 06 off Ebay and had to collect it from near Middlesborough
Some might say i was lucky that i got one that had been drystored for 4 years, but was owned my a man who knew his mini stuff.
2 weeks, pads, shoes and handbrake and it passed its Mot.

Most in the Scamp club thought i had paid too much at 870 for a 998.

It all depends on your budget and engineering capabilities.

Good hunting

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Re: Prices for runners

Post  TRR Motorsport on Fri Apr 29, 2016 4:05 pm

its very much a buyers market. MK2's can still be found for a couple of hundred quid but they're in the minority. the dealers think Scamps are worth 2k to 3K but they don't sell and they bounce on and off ebay with regularity.

if you're looking for a MOT'd scamp expect to pay between 500 & 1000 for a MK2 and 850 to 1500 for a MK3. Condition and spec are the deciding factors on price and a bit of luck. ;-)
TRR Motorsport

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Re: Prices for runners

Post  metro89 on Mon May 02, 2016 8:58 pm

I paid 800 for mine back in September 2014, a basic 998 mk2 no roof, doors still on drums all round and it hadn't seen the road for 14 years

Needed all the brakes rebuilding, apart from that it went straight a mot

It's no longer a basic 998 as it has evolved

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Re: Prices for runners

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